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Common Questions Regarding Toowoomba Business Networkers

Where & when do you meet?
Toowoomba Business Networkers (TBN) meet Tuesdays at 6:45am for a 7:00am networking meeting in the conference room at Urban Grounds Café, 210 Herries Street.   Maps › Breakfast orders are taken as you enter the café. The meeting ends a little after 8am.

Can I attend as a guest?
Yes, prospective members are welcome to join us at TBN meetings as a guest. You will enjoy a complimentary breakfast and opportunity to participate in our networking meeting. At the end of the meeting the TBN Director will discuss how your business might fit in with existing member categories and provide you a membership application. Assuming a suitable business category opening exists, you are welcome to join us for a second guest visit.

What happens at the meeting?
Our structured networking meetings allow for the promotion of member businesses through individual 30 second promos, the passing of business referrals and referral ‘return’ dollar values. Each week two members give a ten minute presentation. The meeting closes with a second round of, often topical, 30 second promotionals.

What are the benefits of TBN membership?
As per our purpose statement, TBN is about raising the profile and profitability of your business. TBN membership achieves this through:

Who can join TBN?
As TBN offers each member exclusive exposure to the member’s designated business category, new members may apply to enter unfilled categories. Where businesses might overlap with an existing member, the TBN Director consults with the current member(s) to determine whether the prospective business can be accommodated.

What is the joining process?
Prospective members complete the TBN application form, and agree to be bound by the TBN constitution (see Member’s handbook) including regular meeting attendance. Once approved by the leadership team, the payment of the joining fee and first month’s fee confirms your membership - including Tuesday meeting participation and breakfast.

What is the minimum membership period?
As networking is about relationships, and these develop over time, the minimum membership period is twelve months.

Can I also join another group?
Although not a currently enforced requirement, experience shows that time commitment and allegiance to more than a single networking group is inadvisable. Central to TBN’s purpose is increasing the profile and profitability of your business. This comes through both exclusive promotion of your own business together with regular external business referrals to other member businesses. Commitment to a single group maximises the referrals you can generate for the group.

What is a ‘TBN Mixer’?
TBN mixers, held after-hours most months at a member business premises, are an excellent opportunity to get to know each other and each other’s business. Over a drink and finger food, this hour or two allows for relaxed, extended conversations, to ask questions and to build trust. Each TBN mixer is hosted by one or two member businesses on an annual rotation, and are free of charge. Guests of members are welcome, though RSVP for catering is requested.

See coming TBN Mixer details ›

Have another question?
Please contact one of the TBN leadership team - See contact details Leadership Team

A Toowoomba Business Networkers breakfast meeting

A Toowoomba Business Networkers breakfast meeting

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