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Member’s Business Details

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Crane and Crain
(Lyndle Carland)

Automotive Mechanic:
Ultim8 Mechanical
(Rick & Kelly Copland)

Computers & Telecommunication:
Communications & Computer Support
(Russell Fell)

Disability Support Services:
RAWR Support Services
(David Wallis)

Electrical Tradesman:
Brett Lewis Electrician
(Brett Lewis)

Finance Broker:
Smartline Toowoomba
(Dave Alderdice)

Fitness/Personal Trainer:
Health By Numb3rs
(Annemarie Lyons)

Glass & Aluminium:
Lowes Glass & Aluminium
(Rod Redgwell)

Hair Stylist:
(Kay Dickerson)

Handy Man & Maintenance:
The Odd Job Joiner
(Brent Schimke)

Insurance Broker:
East West Insurance Brokers
(Christina Neylon)

(Jackson Stark)

Managed Print:
efex ‑ Toowoomba
(Amanda Pearl)

Massage & Aroma Therapy:
Aroma Touch Massage, Beauty & Remedial Therapies
(Sandra Forster)

Heron Eyecare
(Adam Baron)

Pest Management:
CDI Pest Management
(Sue Higgins)

Real Estate:
McAdam & Turnbull Realty
(Bronwyn Evans)

Shopping & Appointment Services:
Pam's Shopping & Appointment Services
(Pam Beresford)

Smash Repairs & Restoration:
PBD Smash Repairs & Restoration
(Sonja Naumann)

Web Design:
Info-Design Online
(Graeme Morris)

Workplace Consultants:
Qld Employer Help
(Robin Grundon)

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